"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."

Le temps

Du matin au soir mes pensées se bousculent dans ma tête, j'imagine ce que je ferais de ce nouveau jour qui se profile devant moi...Il est difficile de se construire une vie, difficile de croire en soi et de ce que l'on deviendra. Mais c'est la vie. Et la vie est à la fois rude et si fragile. Il n'y a pas de chemins tout tracés, mais des routes que l'on se construit avec le temps. Il faut se laisser le temps, le temps d'apprendre, le temps de comprendre, le temps d'avancer...

Eyes to eyes

Long life to talk... Sharing is one of the most beautiful thing in life, it gives us a deep feeling of our existence. Doesn't mean to share to everyone only the people you take care of. But sometime only a meeting in the street, there's so many people who are interesting which you could never expecting before having met them. Everyone's hidding themself beyond  their appearance, but there's a big potential of long story behind.

Nighty night

Beside the night feel the amazing freedom of our human nature, there's so many way to look at life, not trying to go against limits it takes a part of us as choice which we don't want. Having the chance of choice is a gift from life but society is mostly mean and don't want our happiness, of course who cares of our human being? He just wants to live his life, no matter... keep going and never look beside if we taking every time a way it's because we feel it in our deep soul as the little voice inside us. Life is life but choice is our luck.

Stephen Fry

Love, like all arts, as Oscar said, is quite
useless. It is the useless thing that make
life worth living, and that make life
dangerous, too. WIne, love, art, beauty.
Without them life is safe, but not worth
bothering with.

Stephen Fry, Moab Is My Washpot